MSC now offers the TPS-1 PROFINET IO single-chip device interface from Renesas Electronics. The TPS-1 device enables fast and cost-effective building of especially high-performance factory and machine networks.

The device, which is equipped with an integrated Ethernet switch, two MACs and two PHYs, meets PROFINET version 2.3, conformance class C, as well as PROFINET IRT and simplifies the PROFINET connection of microprocessors, microcontrollers and FPGAs via an established serial or parallel interface. Hence, processing of the PROFINET protocol, for example, is carried out entirely on the chip. Furthermore, apart from the voltage supply and a serial flash memory, no additional external components are needed for operation.

The TPS-1 product is a highly integrated single-chip device, which is specifically tailored to the requirements of compact field devices and drives, features a particularly compact design. Thanks to its BGA housing of only 15 mm x 15 mm with 1 mm pitch, a total area of just 260 mm² is required for a complete interface with RJ45 connector. Therefore, the TPS-1 device is ideal for applications such as compact modules, remote I/O devices, motor drives and other industrial peripherals.

Samples of the TPS-1 device and the related TPS-1 starter kit will be available in the first quarter of 2012. Mass production is scheduled to begin in the second quarter of 2012.


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