RF radiation monitor


Link Microtek is now stocking the new Nardalert S3 RF radiation monitor from Narda Safety Test Solutions. Featuring an innovative design with removable sensor module, the S3 unit allows rapid support in the field, simplifies calibration logistics and offers a simple means of implementing future upgrades. These are significant benefits for organisations such as broadcast and telecoms companies, which typically operate a large number of monitors to protect personnel working in the vicinity of high-power transmitters. The frequency response of the sensor module is shaped to match the requirements of the ICNIRP international standard. Should the monitor detect electric field strengths that approach or exceed the specified exposure limit, it will generate visual, audible and vibration alarms to alert the user. The unit’s two alarm thresholds are preset to 50 percent and 200 percent of exposure limit but can be altered to other values if required. The Nardalert S3 also…