Automotive relay range is vast for wide range of applications Specialist distributor Switchtec is offering a range of automotive relays from Hongfa. New cars are using more and more relays to control attractive, ‘value added’ features and functions within the vehicle. This has led to an increase in demand for automotive relays year on year. The total automotive relay output for China for 2007 was 137 million relays, up 15% on 2006. Demand is forecast to increase to 650 million relays by 2010. Aimed at the automotive Industry, OEMs, equipment manufacturers, and PCB manufacturers/builders, the relays are used in automobiles, mobility vehicles, waste collection vehicles, caravans and trailers, and in motor control applications such as lifts, robotics, and garden machinery. Ratings wise, the Hongfa automotive relay series ranges from the small PCB relay HFKW rated at 15A up to the large 70A HFV7 panel mount relay. A technological development achieved…