Renesas Electronics Europe offers two compatible microcontroller (MCU) families designed to provide flexible and scalable solutions for the next generation of smart meters. Both RX210 and RX630 MCUs are based on Renesas’ powerful 32-bit RX CPU core. They are available at distributor Rutronik as of now. The new RX210 and RX630 families of MCUs use two advanced MONOS flash processors to provide compatible devices with a range of different features optimised for smart metering applications. This allows the system designers to choose the optimum MCUs with particular characteristics required for a new design, while allowing the reuse of much of the same software for each application. The RX210 provides up to 50MHz flash operation at 3.3V, while offering up to 20MHz performance down to 1.62V, including flash programming and erasure at this low voltage. This facilitates the design of applications that require both battery backup and read while power off.…