VG95234 connectors now available with 48-hour assembly service VG95234 multi-pin circular connectors manufactured by ITT Interconnect Solutions (Cannon and VEAM) are now available from franchised assembling distributor PEI-Genesis with its market-leading 48-hour assembly service. Designed in accordance with the VG95234 specification, the connectors use the dimensions and contact arrangements laid down in MIL-C-5015, but instead of being threaded they are provided with a reverse bayonet coupling mechanism, which offers exceptional vibration-protected sealing against fluids, as well as easy connection/disconnection. Capable of withstanding the most severe conditions, the VG95234 connectors feature aluminium-alloy shells with an olive drab finish, high-quality polychloroprene insulators and silver-plated copper contacts with maximum current ratings from 8A to 245A. These rugged waterproof connectors are particularly suitable for industrial, transportation and military applications and are available in a wide variety of shell styles, sizes and contact arrangements. Operating temperature range is specified as -55 to 125degC, and the…