Mouser Electronics, Inc., known for its rapid introduction of the newest products, today announced it is now offering all product families within the FCI MezzSelect™ Portfolio. FCI’s MezzSelect Portfolio provides instant access to technical information, provides mezzanine interconnect solutions suited for a wide range of applications, optimizes board real estate, and reduces mezzanine interconnect designs complexity. The current portfolio consists of eight FCI product families including Conan®, BergStak®, Minitek®, Rib-Cage™, Dubox® and BergStik™, as well as MEG-Array® and GIG-Array® connectors. The connector families feature stack heights from 4-40mm, 4- >500 contacts, 1 – 3.5amps per contact, and several termination styles including surface mount, through hole, ball grid array, and pin-in-paste. The MezzSelect product portfolio mezzanine connectors address a wide range of markets and applications, including (high speed) data- networking, industrial, instrumentation, telecommunications, and medical. The program includes the MezzSelect™ product selector which provides a product combination that best suits a…