Electronic Components Distributor, Alpha Micro Announces Distribution Agreement with Sierra Wireless Alpha Micro Components, a leading international distributor of electronic components today announced a new distributor agreement with Sierra Wireless. This agreement marks Alpha Micro’s advance into the 3G embedded wide area wireless market and enables the distributor to complement kendieczanesi and expand its existing portfolio, by offering customers the chance to embed mobile broadband connectivity into its products. Alpha Micro’s customers need to access increasingly larger sized files and data, coming in the form of surveillance photographs, video streaming and data logs. 3G technology facilitates this access and allows users to transmit such volumes of data due to its faster data transmission and higher bandwidth connectivity, which in time will be essential for machine-to-machine (M2M) markets. Founded in 1993, Sierra Wireless specialises in mobile broadband connectivity and has been selected by Alpha Micro as part of a strategic plan…