Picking up the pulse for high performance testing

Specialist instrumentation distributor, Aspen Electronics has just announced the availability of two top of the range pulse generators from Tabor Electronics. Offering super high-performance, in a compact unit, the new Pulse Master Series models PM8571 and PM8572 are combined pulse/waveform generators aimed at all general purpose test applications in various sectors of the electronics industry, including automotive, defence, communications, telecoms, datacoms, medical and aviation.

A key feature of these single and dual channel pulse/ pattern generators, is that they can be configured to emulate a wide range of current and obsolete pulse and function generators. Tabor has made it extremely easy to upgrade existing test bench and automatic test set-ups, with these ‘drop-in’ replacements. Old, difficult to maintain instruments from HP, Agilent, Fluke, Tektronix, Tabor, Wavetek and LeCroy can be upgraded, ensuring continued application compatibility.

Test engineers can take full advantage of these 50MHz single (PM8571) or dual (PM8572) channel pulse/pattern generators, offering a complete range of standard, arbitrary and sequenced waveforms.

Technical specifications include 100MHz function generator, 16bit arbitrary waveform/sequence generator running at 300Msamples/s, up to 4M waveform memory, 10ps pulse resolution with 4ns transition time (3ns typical), 32Vpp into open circuit with programmable output impedance, 16bit digital pattern generator, internal PWM modulation and external width control.

In operation, run modes include: continuous, trigger, burst, gated, re-trigger with trigger and system delay control. Conveniently housed in a compact, rack mountable, 2U 1/2 rack-sized box, the instruments feature an easy to read 3.8in colour display, and Ethernet, USB and GPIB interfaces.

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