Arrow Electronics has signed up ShiraTech, a provider of ARM-based system-on-module embedded computer systems, for the Europe, Middle East and Africa (EMEA) region. Arrow will provide to its industrial and embedded customers the AT-501 system-on-module solution developed jointly by ShiraTech and Arrow. The AT-501 utilises an Atmel SAMA5D3 ARM CortexTM-A5-based microprocessor.

The module helps companies shorten development cycles and focus on their own intellectual property. It combines high-performance and low-power consumption with a range of peripheral support used in developing mobile and battery-powered systems that require minimal energy usage.

“Combining a system-on-module with comprehensive development tool and software support eases the design process and reduces the development costs. These advances are critical for Arrow’s customer base,” said Jacko Wilbrink, senior product marketing director, Atmel.

Arrow and ShiraTech have designated Timesys to provide a Linux-based board support package, available directly from Arrow. Timesys’ LinuxLink suite of embedded Linux tools gives developers a simple way to design, build, deploy, debug, and maintain an embedded Linux board support package for the ShiraTech AT-501.

Arrow and ShiraTech also joined forces to introduce Spark-100, a ready-to-use industrial embedded system-on-module based on the Altera Cyclone V system-on-chip. Using configurable logic, Spark empowers engineers to design optimal solutions for applications by enabling the addition of customized accelerators and a broad array of peripheral sets.


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