Distributed by Switchtec, Sirena’s M-Line range of beacons and sounders truly represents the state of the art in signalling. Important updates have been introduced to the range that expand its potential uses and even further hones the units to the specific tasks and apps in which they are asked to perform.

New colours for the units’ bases have been added. The allRED line has been developed for fire warning applications and to complement the civil line when the colour red is required. allRED is designed to be aesthetically pleasing yet also highly noticeable when turned off.

The allWHITE line has been introduced for the civil world where aesthetically appealing and non-intrusive devices are required. The allWHITE line’s clean appearance is ideal for use in hotels, offices, airports, stations, hospitals, etc.

Similarly Sirena has introduced a black version (allBLACK) to the whole MLINE range. This will guarantee each market has a customized product to exactly match its specific needs and demands.

An EN54-3 approved ‘multi-function’ sounder has been introduced that has pre-alarm and alarm functions. ‘Pre-alarm’ offers a powerful 105dB sound, ideal for alerting staff to a danger or a serious change in operating circumstances. This is complemented by a flashing LED light that is type selectable via dipswitch from a choice of twelve different sounds. ‘Alarm’ is a powerful electronic sound, ideal for alerting staff of a constant change of operational circumstances. This is complemented by a steady LED light. Excellent for outdoor use, the units have a high ingress rating of IP65 and are able to operate from 12 and 24V.

Two new bases have been added to the MLINE range. A flush mounting base is the ideal choice when for aesthetic reasons a more discreet solution is required. This flush mounting base works with the MLINE domes, enabling them to fit flush – for example – in a low ceiling. These are available in allWHITE or allRED. The double base is the ideal choice when there is a need to install two MLINE domes on the same base, for example a rotating beacon and an electronic siren. Again for use with MLINE domes, the double bases are available in allRED, allWHITE, allGREY and allBLACK. Both of the new bases are available in 12/24Vac/dc and 90/240Vac.

Two new domes also figure in the upgrade programme. A multifunction LED flat beacon has three separate functions, steady, pulsing and flashing, all controllable independently via separate electronic contacts. Exhibiting versatility, four colours are available; red, amber, green and blue, and the dome is rated at IP65 for demanding outdoor applications. An exciting multi-colour LED flat beacon offers three separate colours in one unit.

Green is the industry standard for ‘all-clear’ or ‘normal’, amber is for signalling a change of operational mode, whilst red is for signalling a stop of operational mode or to alert of a danger. Each channel can be set to steady or blinking via dipswitch.

Each component of the M-Line range has been engineered with an easy snap-on technology that allows easy and safe installation procedures in the most challenging of environments.

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