Sub10 Systems, the UK-based innovator and manufacturer of high speed wireless data communications links, today announced a mutual distribution partnership with Swedish manufacturer Repeatit.

Under the terms of the agreement, Sub10 Systems will actively market, promote and sell the Repeatit range of products via their channels to enterprise, telecoms and networking customers worldwide.

Sub10 ‘s range of high speed wireless data links are designed to deliver line-of sight connections using millimetre waveband radio (MMW) over distances of up to one kilometre. The compact links are smaller than an iPad and are designed for use in urban locations. They are considered a key backhaul component in the city centre deployment of next generation mobile communications networks.

Repeatit’s links operate in the 5GHz spectrum space and are designed as point-to-point or point-to-multipoint links over distances of up to 20 kilometres making them ideal for semi-urban or rural deployment. Repeatit links are managed via an innovative cloud-based network management system.

Announcing the partnership, Stuart Broome, CEO of Sub10 Systems said: “It is rare to find two small independent companies addressing such complementary elements of the same massive global market. By working together, both companies will be able to punch above their weight and deliver a broader range of solutions to the market.”

Meanwhile, Asbjörn Frydenlund, CEO of Repeatit said: “Sub10’s experience of working with channel partners and distributors, and the global network it is assembling, will be a big boost to our sales presence worldwide. The products and the companies fit together perfectly.”

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