For the first time, Mouser sales in Europe and Asia have outstripped those in north America. Buoyed by surging markets, the European and Asian businesses clocked up $400m sales and $300m sales respectively pipping sales of $600m in north America.

“Living the dream” is how Mark Burr-Lonnon, Senior Vice President of Global Service & EMEA described a 41% sales growth in Europe, a 38% sales increase in Asia and 21% uptick in the US.

Top of the class in Europe is Germany where sales rocketed 37% year on year. Italy sales rose 30%, France posted a 25% increase and the UK grew at a more sedate 18% due to currency fluctuations.

Mouser has rode this crest by making a major investment in inventory enabling them to supply products that are now on extended lead times, a trend covering the gamut of passive to high-end processors.

“We’ve put our  money wjhere our mouth is adding $100m of inventory in the past 12 months, and we’re doing what we are suppoed to do, have stock on the shelf for our customers,” is Burr-Lonnon’s trenchant observation.

He can see no sign of the market cooling off, expecting the boom to continue through to Q2, possibly Q3 next year.

He is also upbeat about Mouser’s ability to take advantage.

“If we can get the inventory we will be fine,” he comments.

Alongside the sales surge, Burr-Lonnon cites a 20% increase in customers over the past year, observing, “That’s the number our suppliers are most interested in, not sales revenues.”

Mark Bur Lonnon looking happy
Mark Bur Lonnon looking happy

“Texas Instruments, Analog Devices, TE, Maxim, all our major suppliers want us to bring them more customers. We live and die by adding new customers,” says Burr-Lonnon.

He says the distributor is also focused on technical marketing, “where content is king.”

Booming business is also spurring phase two of a $30m expansion plan at Mouser’s Mansfield, Texas headquarters.

Mouser is also curating locally based European teams to meet new European legislation governing digital marketing.

“We commit a lot of resources to building customer databases that enable us to provide specific information useful to engineers as they develop new projects, rather than simply bombarding them with general emails,” comments Graham Maggs, Vice President Marketing, Mouser EMEA. “We want to work in partnership with our customers, not be an annoying ‘inbox-spammer.’ Therefore we welcome new, tighter data protection laws, but they do require us to be even more focused on being a responsible marketing organisation. This takes people, but I am proud to say that Mouser is already GDPR-compliant.”

In the end, though, Maggs attributes Mouser’s success to the company’s focus on the latest products and technologies and the availability of stock. “Mouser is committed to its role as the NPI development fulfillment distributor, supporting that with the widest choice of development tools, which are a vital part of the design ecosystem today. That’s how we intend to stay ahead of the pack.”


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