CPC has signed a deal with Spark to become the first UK distributor of the Spark Core range.
The Spark Core is a complete Wi-Fi enabled, Arduino-compatible development platform that aims to make the creation of internet-connected hardware a breeze. The board attracted more than $500,000 in pledges on Kickstarter last year, from over 5,000 different backers.
The board is entirely open source, making use of both open standards and widely available components, allowing enthusiasts to create and share their projects with the world. Meanwhile the Core is code-compatible with Arduino, meaning users can port existing Arduino code to it with little or no modifications.
Spark’s CEO Zach Supalla said: “We are so excited to be working with CPC, our first distribution partner in the United Kingdom. We already have an amazing community in the UK, so it was crucial that we selected a major distributor who was up to the task of guaranteeing them easy access to Spark products.”
With home electronics, Making and the Internet of Things continuing to grow in popularity, CPC has focused on expanding its existing portfolio in this sector. As well as the Spark Core, CPC already distributes the entire Arduino range of products, as well as the recently launched Raspberry Pi model B+ board.
Senior Product Manager at CPC, Kevin Howson, said: “I am delighted to add the Spark range of products to our portfolio. The boards are easy to use and are a fantastic building block for anyone wanting to connect their Maker project to the Internet.”


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