Solid State Supplies has announced availability of the Digi XBee 868LP, Europe’s first multi-channel 868 MHz wireless module with Listen Before Talk and Adaptive Frequency Agility technology allowing it to automatically change to the best channel if interference is detected. The low cost, low-power module is based on Analog Device’s ADF7023 transceiver, which provides maximum interference blocking, sensitivity performance and low current consumption to ensure a strong connection and reliable data transfer in energy management, sensor deployments and other wireless networking applications.

The XBee 868LP features 30 channels for additional interference immunity. It operates in the 863 – 870 MHz range and offers low power consumption drawing less than 2uA in sleep mode. The module offers up to four kilometres RF line-of-sight range and is easy to configure with Digi’s free utility, X-CTU, which reduces development time from months to weeks. The module also supports over the air firmware updates, minimising deployment risks.

Sharing a common hardware footprint, the popular XBee product line offers developers tremendous flexibility and is extremely easy to use.
The XBee 868LP module is available from Solid State Supplies priced at £15.95. Development kits, which include 3 modules and development boards, can be purchased for £129.95. All prices exclude shipping and VAT.

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