Solid State Supplies has announced a range of modules and technical services for machine-to-machine (M2M) communications that enable wireless networks to be quickly and easily deployed then accessed, controlled and managed over the iDigi cloud-computing platform. The drop-in networking products, manufactured by Digi, establish 2-way mesh communications networks for sensors, controllers, activators and other electronic or electromechanical input/output devices. An Internet gateway is then used to connect to the iDigi cloud, which offers uniform connectivity to different types of networks, provides centralised management of nodes, and supports web services protocols for application integration. Tools are integrated into the cloud-computing platform for authentication, account management, configuration, software updates, group updates, storage and web services. Data integrity is assured through AES and SSL encryption.


Typical embedded applications include smart energy, street lighting, fleet management, medical device networking, building management, retail point-of-sale, and industrial automation.

Communications hardware includes gateways, Zigbee modules and solutions-on-modules combining microcontrollers and processors with pre-certified networking connectivity. Processors range from economical 16-bit devices to the ConnectCore® i.MX product family from Freescale that provides the processing power required for multimedia applications, including high-definition video display.

Solid State Supplies offers comprehensive technical and applications support including assistance to determine the most suitable combination of products for specific applications and environments.

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