Adding strength to its products lineup for the lighting sector, Solid State Supplies has announced a franchise distribution agreement for the UK with Luminus Devices, a global manufacturer of high-performance LEDs.
Luminus develops and markets solid-state lighting solutions to help users migrate from conventional lamp technologies to long life and energy efficient LED illumination.
The company combines technology originated from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) with innovation from Silicon Valley to offer a comprehensive range of LED solutions for general lighting markets, as well as high output speciality lighting solutions for performance driven markets including consumer displays, entertainment lighting and medical applications.
“Solid State Supplies has a growing reputation and understands the needs of lighting manufacturers. They have created important relationships with the major industry players in the UK,” said Robert de Jonge, Senior Director of Sales for the EMEA region at Luminus. “Our plan is to be a key supplier and business partner with Solid State Supplies to ensure that customers in the UK have access to our broad product portfolio as part of a comprehensive, competitive supply chain solution.”
“Solid-state lighting is a major opportunity and is becoming an increasingly important part of our business,” added John Macmichael, Managing Director of Solid State Supplies. “These highly versatile light source products and technologies from Luminus are a significant addition to our portfolio and will enable us to address an increased number of important applications.”


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