To help users overcome potential shortages of DDR3 memory module Solid State Supplies is stocking fully equivalent modules from SMART Modular Technologies.

Recent announcements that certain major manufacturers are discontinuing the manufacture and supply of DDR3 memory modules means many OEMs could be faced with an interrupted supply chain and the prospect of an expensive, risky and time-consuming re-design to continue to support their customers.


Solid State will be offering the DDR3 modules to ensure continuity of supply to UK based customers, especially those in the industrial, networking, telecommunications, aerospace and defence marketplaces where long-term supply continuity and product support is critical to their businesses.

Along with Solid State, SMART has a strong customer support focus and understand the needs of these high-reliability markets.


The SMART modules use memory ICs from well-respected major manufacturers and high levels of quality are ensured by a rigorous test regime and burn-in, both with 100% coverage.


A cross-reference list on Solid State’s website allow OEMs to quickly and easily identify the required part number for a replacement module. Solid State’s experienced technical support team can help with application-specific information or more in-depth technical discussions to ensure compatibility.


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