Gresham Power Electronics, a Defence and Commercial power conversion specialist, has been appointed by SL Power as its Design-In Distributor for the UK. Gresham can now supply SL Power’s market leading range of industrial, medical and LED lighting power supplies from its Salisbury facility.

“SL Power has been looking for a partner to increase new design-in projects for some time.” Says Dave Wellman, Sales Manager at Gresham Power; “Conventional distributors are not equipped to work with designers on new projects, sometimes for many months, to generate new business. Gresham Power Electronics have been designing and manufacturing power supplies for more than fifty years and really understands customer’s requirements.”

SL Power Electronics’ (SLPE) global facilities provide local support to customers in Asia, Europe, and the Americas. SLPE was formed by the merger of Ault and Condor, industry leaders for over 30 years in their respective segments of external and internally mounted power conversion solutions.

In addition to SL Power Gresham is now supplying products from a number of major power supply manufacturers including EOS, Vox Power, Telkoor and Digital Power.

Gresham has also added a new range of Defence power products for land based or vehicle applications to complement its world leading naval power systems.


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