America II Electronics has continued its push into franchised distribution by signing six new suppliers. Shenzhen KPD Electronics, Antistat, All Axis Machining, Crystal Clear Technology, Hitaltech, and Transcend Information have all signed up to the distributor’s global line card.
This announcement follows a strong first quarter where America II saw significant growth in its franchise lines. The distributor has been strategic in its supply chain development efforts as it adds key manufacturers, products and technologies to its line card. The company is on pace to reach its goal of signing 100 new franchise lines by year end.
“Going into 2015, America II was focused on offering more complete solutions to the market,” said Brian Ellison, president at America II Electronics. “Across the world, we’re seeing an uptick in business as customers have been taking advantage of our new offerings. We’re committed to helping our customers evolve, innovate and elevate their designs with high-quality, cost-effective components. The expansion of our line card allows America II to offer major benefits to OEMs looking to take advantage of key opportunities, such as the explosion in connected IoT devices. We’re merging the reliability that scheduled business requires with the flexibility that only America II can provide. Moving forward, America II has strong momentum to continue growing its business throughout 2015.”
Servicing an array of industries including automotive, telecommunications, home automation, medical, industrial, and lighting, the latest partnerships enable America II to offer more comprehensive solutions to its global customer base. The company confirms that expansion will continue as they remain focused on strengthening their line card.


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