Combination of innovative ‘Green VoIP’ IC solutions and strong local distribution support benefits rapidly growing Korean VoIP market

SiTel Semiconductor today announced that it has appointed Uniquest as its primary distributor for the Korea region. By collaborating with a strong local partner, SiTel reinforces its commitment to customers in this region by offering a competitive solution for the fast growing IP-DECT market with focused regional support.

“Having a focused distributor in Korea enables us to offer the best local support to VoIP and DECT customers in this territory,” said HK Teoh, Asia Pacific Regional Manager at SiTel. “As one of the country’s top distributors with broad coverage and good relationships with Korean telecommunication companies, our alliance with Uniquest strengthens our investment in this key geographical region”.

Uniquest’s technical expertise was an important factor in the appointment. The focused distributor is renowned for its outstanding technical capabilities and excellent knowledge of DECT and VoIP products. Their field application team is composed of skilled engineers who have the expertise to develop innovative new technologies and have a thorough understanding of local market demands.

“Collaborating with a team that is driving product developments gives us a competitive edge in the exploding Korean telecom market,” explained Don Cho, Sales VP and CMO at Uniquest. “SiTel’s position as the premier chipset provider for DECT and VoIP applications makes it easier for us to offer innovative products that are attractive to customers. A good example is SiTel’s SC14452, the ‘greenest’ VoIP IC in the world.”

For an environmentally conscious society like Korea, SiTel’s ‘Green VoIP’ portfolio is a good fit since it delivers the lowest power consumption in VoIP applications. Korea’s VoIP market is growing very rapidly with companies in the region projecting 100% year-on-year growth in terms of deployment. Therefore, solutions that reduce both system and operating costs are very appealing.

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