Fully expanded light tower range is versatile for a wide range of applications

switchtecAvailable from specialist distributor Switchtec, Sirena’s expanded TWS range of light towers provide visual indication of the status of a wide variety of process machines, vehicles, lifts and other factory and industrial equipments.

The basic principal of any light tower is to provide a quick visual indication, warning or notification. Most light towers are pre assembled and have to be ordered in the required colour sequence, voltage and illumination type and are manufactured as a complete Item.

Sirena’s TWS family provides flexibility to customers, stockists and distributors by the use of a modular system. The customer simply orders the colours they need, output type (flashing or continuous), the required bulb voltage, then by use of Sirena’s simple assembly mechanism, stack the colour modules in the order required.

This expanded TWS range from Sirena builds on the success of the original TWS that was known for its ease of assembly and flexibility. However its 70mm diameter was often too large for customer’s requirements. Smaller diameter lights towers were available from other manufacturers, but lacked the TWS’s stackable flexibility. So Sirena developed the Mini, Baby, Micro and Nano TWS to address this demand. That’s a total of five ranges with the following diameters: 18, 25, 36, 48 and 70mm.

Showing versatility, all the TWS family are available with the following colour lenses: blue, amber, red, green, yellow and clear (white). All the TWS family are protected to IP65 as standard and carry the CE mark. The TWS (70mm diameter version) also has the combined approval of CUL.

The TWS range uses a variety of bulbs to suit the needs of the end user. Filament bulbs offer a low cost solution, LED bulbs are a simple and competitive LED solution, Xenon bulbs provide a very bright visual notification (flashing only), and integrated LED is the best all round visual output. The Mini TWS, Baby TWS, Micro TWS, and Nano TWS use integrated LEDs only, as due to their compact size, bulbs would be difficult to change and install. The integrated LED is not a bulb, but a cluster of LEDs mounted inside the TWS module. All Sirena LEDs are guaranteed up to 100,000 hours.

Available for all but the Nano TWS is an alarm module that adds the additional audible notification to the light tower. Also available for the TWS and the Mini TWS is a range of mounting brackets, angled wall brackets and extension poles.

TWS light towers are available in 12-48VDC and 24-240VAC supply voltages. The Mini is available in 24VAC/DC, 110VAC and 240VAC. The Baby, Micro, and Nano TWS are available in 24VAC/DC.

The TWS is known for its easy installation and Sirena wanted to ensure that this feature was passed on to the new smaller TWS models. They used the same locking ring assembly mechanism on the Mini TWS as they do on the TWS, which delivers a quick and easy assembly and provides an IP65 rating the beacons. However for the Baby, Micro and Nano, their size limited the use of a locking ring so Sirena developed a unique latching mechanism, which still enables a quick and easy assembly, but enables the Baby, Micro and Nano TWS to retain an IP65 rating.

The complete range of Sirena TWS light towers is available ex stock from Switchtec.

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