Mouser has launched a new microsite based around High Voltage Components Technology. It aims to provide developers with the resources, including the newest products and the critical importance of keeping safety in mind when doing high voltage designs.
The site covers high voltage design and how to choose the correct components. Many applications have traditionally used 600V to 1500V as the nominal operating voltage because these higher voltages allow a more efficient transmission of electrical power over long distances.
When dealing with voltages of 600V or higher, it’s important to consider the right use of design, construction, and safety guidelines including the proper spacing of electrical equipment, the use of more robust safety procedures, and the proper use of the correct test procedures.
The Technology section provides an easy to understand overview of this field, including how high voltage is defined differently depending upon the applications field and the importance of designing with safety in mind.
The Articles section discusses important considerations when designing at high voltages, including Design Guidelines for Optocoupler Safety. The Technical Resources section lists videos and application notes that discuss device selection and application considerations for high voltage designs.
The Featured Products section focuses on key products available from that speed and enhance high voltage designs. Products include the ON Semiconductor 1200V NGTB30N120L2WG IGBT, the Vishay 600-650V E Series High Performance MOSFETs, and the Phoenix Contact 1500V SUNCLIX Connectors.


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