UK LED specialists Selectronic and it’s Chinese partners Hongli Zhuihui have forged a major $75million collaboration in the automotive LED sector to strengthen their market position. They have teamed up with Taiwanese company Epistar in a major alliance to boost product development.

Selectronic are partners and European distributors of LEDs for market leaders Hongli Zhihui Group based in China and MD Kevin Dry (pictured) welcomed the collaboration.
Dry said: “Partnering with the Taiwanese company Epistar forms a strategic alliance aimed at harnessing resources from both sides to develop automotive lighting products.”
Hongli’s automotive interior and exterior LED lighting applications already provide high luminous products with good reliability and low electricity consumption for products including head lamps, daytime running lights, fog lamps, turn signals, brake lamps, work lamps, dashboard backlights, reading lamps and more.
Selectronic and Hongli’s tie-up with Epistar was sealed with a strategic collaboration agreement which runs to October 2021.

During that time Hongli will buy Epistar’s patented automotive LED chips worth 500million RMB – equivalent to $75.37million – to produce packages exclusive to automotive lighting. As well as developing automotive lighting products, the coalition also aims to cut verification time.
“This coalition will also protect Hongli products from potential patent infringements and provides Epistar chips of substantial quality, enabling us to bring down prices and speed up expansion of the two companies into this sector,” added Dry.


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