Sarsen Technology has signed up to be the UK distributor for Impulse Accelerated Technologies.

Nigel Norman, Managing Director of Sarsen Technology Limited commented: “The Sarsen Technology team is passionate about introducing FPGA technology to demanding applications in the financial trading, telecommunications infrastructure, power generation and Mil/Aero markets. The innovative Impulse Accelerated Technologies C to FPGA, applications IP and design acceleration and integration software solutions allow us to work with an even greater set of clients who want to bring the power of FPGA technology to their projects.”
Based in Bellevue, Washington, Impulse specialises in high performance and high reliability solutions which accelerate compute bound software modules by offloading them to FPGA. Impulse solutions and IP are available for image, video and signal processing, encryption, FFT, GigE camera interfaces, network packet inspection, object capture, convolution and protocol conversions. Impulse also offers board interface packages which link to memory, I/O, processors and other hardware features from C or OpenCL.
Impulse C is one of the most widely used software to FPGA hardware optimising compilers, enabling developers to rapidly prototype offloading CPU bound applications by moving them to multiple streaming processes running in FPGA hardware and software. Impulse C even outputs IEEE compliant VHDL to simulators from Mentor and Aldec.
Brian Durwood, Co-founder of Impulse explained, “We have seen the high performance, FPGA-based design acceleration evolve out military-only, to broader use in networking, DSP and imaging. Teaming up with an experienced team like Sarsen better enables us to work with local clients on entire solutions; offloading their software applications to FPGA hardware. And doing so in a manner that leaves them trained in the maintenance of their new code architecture.”


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