Murata produces the world first monolithic ceramic capacitors on interposer substrates. This arrangement works against squealing. The new ceramic capacitors from Murata are available at distributor Rutronik as of now.

In the design of power supply circuits for various applications such as laptop PCs, cellphones and digital cameras, “squealing” caused by vibration of capacitors is an issue. Therefore, Murata offers now a monolithic ceramic capacitor mounted on an interposer substrate. This arrangement enables the interposer substrate to absorb vibration generated in the capacitor, and greatly suppresses the transmission of vibration to the main board.

The capacitors ZRA18MR60J226ME11 and ZRA21NR60J226ME11 have superior characteristics to those of conventional monolithic ceramic capacitors (GJ8 series), and is lower in profile than the KRM series, making it ideal for mobile devices such as smartphones, PCs and digital still cameras as well as audio/visual devices such as television receivers.

The new ceramic capacitors have temperature characteristics of R6 (±15%), their rated voltage is 6.3V, the capacitance is specified with 22µF.

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