Rutronik has been named “Best Distributor” for this year by Samwha. The manufacturer of electrolytic capacitors cited highest turnover, and the many years of partnership with Rutronik. The companies have been working together across Europe since the early 1990s and across the world since 2003.
Samwha is a leading manufacturer of electrolytic capacitors (e-caps) and Rutronik’s primary partner in this sector. Rutronik supplies its customers with over 300 million e-caps from Samwha every year.
“Distribution is an extremely important sales channel for Samwha, and by far the largest segment of our European network is allotted to Rutronik”, explained Kwang-Hyun Park, Managing Director at Samwha Europe. “It is the product of the above-average commitment of the Rutronik Passive team, which offers customers optimal support. As such, it is our pleasure to be able to reward this with the “Best Distributor 2014” award.”
In addition to electrolytic capacitors, Samwha also develops and produces multilayer ceramic capacitors (MLCC), which have also featured in the Rutronik product portfolio since 2014. The main target markets of the components are Industrial and Consumer, e.g. home appliance.
“The Samwha products offer outstanding value for money. The roadmap shows us that we have the right partner at our side in Samwha for being able to offer our customers innovative products well into the future”, said Stefan Sutalo, Marketing Director Passive Components at Rutronik.
In the oicture l to r are: Bo-Hang LYU (Overseas Marketing Team Chief Samwha HQ), Tae-Jin SHIM (Deputy General Manager Samwha Europe), Kwang-Hyun PARK (General Manager Samwha Europe), Stefan SUTALO (Marketing Director Passive Components Rutronik), Denis BITTIGKOFFER (Senior Marketing Manager EFT-Caps Rutronik), Tae-Yoon KIM (R&D Manager Samwha HQ).


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