Rutronik has upgraded its webg@te and Rutronik24 e-commerce platforms with the addition of a new ‘project list’ feature that makes selecting and purchasing products faster and more efficient.

Webg@te and now enable Rutronik and Rutronik24 customers to save all the components required for a project under one project name. Every customer can open as many projects as required, naming them freely.

In the event of repeat orders, simply by selecting the corresponding project the customer is able to quickly and easily order all or a number of the components it contains or to obtain a detailed quote. As with every order placed via webg@te and, along with the products, the PCNs, customer-specific, current prices and availability are displayed in real time here. Should the component composition of a project change, the customer may remove individual items from the saved project and select new components from the catalogue, adding them to the project via the ‘add to project’ button.


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