Rutronik and the Chinese manufacturer of Bluetooth technologies Shenzhen Minew Technologies Co. Ltd. have entered into a distribution agreement that is applicable worldwide.

Founded in 2007, Minew counts Google, Here, Huawei, and Alibaba among its IoT customers from over 100 countries. The agreement encompasses all of Minew’s products.

Rutronik founded its Wireless Competence Centre in 2005 to become a leading European leading distributor when it comes to the use of Bluetooth technology. By adding its new partner Minew’s products to its range, Rutronik has now expanded into several new segments – with a large selection of beacons and e-paper displays for pricing and product information (including gateways).

The distributor now offers solutions for retailers, stores, supermarkets, airports, museums, and many other consumer-facing organisations.

In addition, the distribution agreement adds interesting and cost-effective options to Rutronik’s existing range of Bluetooth 5.1-based modules with integrated antennas or IPEX antenna connectors. The global distribution agreement encompassing Minew’s entire product range not only offers potential customers comprehensive and local product and technology consulting from Rutronik employees, but also excellent procurement logistics. This is due to the expanded network of warehouses and the ability to purchase additional electronic products from a single source – from small sensors to large servers.

“Minew works closely with our semiconductor partners, so we are already very familiar with its modules, beacons, e-paper displays, and gateways. The company already has an excellent reputation and high profile in Asia, especially with beacons and price tags. Since all of its products are also approved for use in Europe and America, we want to help Minew increase its profile globally,” says Bernd Hantsche, Director Product Marketing Embedded and Wireless at Rutronik.

Johnson Zhang, Global Sales and Marketing Director at Minew, adds: “Just like our company, Rutronik’s Asian headquarters is located in Shenzhen, which makes it easy to collaborate and communicate when working together on regional projects. We are optimistic that Rutronik will be able to apply its expertise as a Nordic Semiconductor distributor to our Nordic-based modules, which operate using the same tried-and-tested wireless stacks from Norway, but already include all of the HF circuitry and certifications.”

Bluetooth trailblazers: from left to right: Lynn Liu (BDM, Minew), Johnson Zhang (CMO, Minew), Bernd Hantsche (Director Product Marketing, Rutronik), Lan Hong (BDM, Rutronik), Dodo Deng (PSM, Rutronik), Emma He (Sales, Minew), Felix Graf (PSM, Rutronik)


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