Rutronik has extended its distribution agreement with Samwha to cover Greater China. Previously their pact covered all of Europe.

Rutronik’s Asian customers will be supplied with Samwha products directly via the warehouse in Hong Kong, thereby ensuring rapid and cost-effective delivery. “The demand for e-caps is currently very high in Asia due to the growth markets of lighting and automotive. So we are delighted that we are now also able to supply our European customers which have production sites in Asia with the Samwha capacitors,” says Stefan Sutalo, Senior Marketing Manager Film, Tantalum & Electrolytic Capacitors at Rutronik.

Electrolytic capacitor supplier Samwha is Rutronik’s largest partner in this sector. Electrolytic capacitors (e-caps) are of particular importance for power, lighting, industrial and automotive applications. For these, Samwha has developed polymer-based products which have a very low ESR (equivalent series resistance), thereby reducing as much as is possible the capacity lost during charging and discharging processes. Available in radial or SMD form, they are ideal for high-frequency applications with high DC currents. Double-layer capacitors expand the broad Samwha product range, which offers solutions for almost all applications.

“In addition to their technical benefits, the Samwha products also have an outstanding price/performance ratio,” adds Sutalo, “Moreover, in our twenty years of cooperation, Samwha has demonstrated its ability to react very quickly to market influences and expanding its production capacity accordingly. We have short communication channels and a history of very close collaboration with the Samwha Europe subsidiary in Frankfurt.”

Samwha focuses strongly on distribution in the sale and marketing of its products, it accounts for the majority of its business. Within the European distribution network, the largest share is allotted to Rutronik. “The strong commitment of the sales offices and product marketing has quickly ensured respectable sales,” is the assessment of Y.D. Kim, Head of Samwha China. “This is not a trivial contribution as it is crucial to identify the correct specification for capacitors because their design with a liquid dielectric means they have a limited service life. The Rutronik Passive Team provides customers with the best support in this field. By expanding the franchise to Asia, we want to strengthen our position in various markets with increased development work, establish ourselves in new markets and further expand our cooperation with Rutronik.”


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