With the new SG-210S*H series Epson is extending is SPXO portfolio in the 2.5mm x 2.0mm package size. The product is available at the distributor Rutronik as of now.SG-210S*H

The SG-210S*H series has an output frequency range of 80-170 MHz. Oscillating in fundamental mode due to MESA type structure, low jitter values and low power consumption can be achieved at competitive cost. The mature photolithographic QMEMs process from Epson enables an excellent control of the blank structure, resulting in a high yield and low variations in the production process. Typical applications are in the networking field like Ethernet, fibre optics and any protocol requiring high data rate transmission with standard frequencies of 100MHz, 106.25MHz, 125MHz, 133.33MHz, 150MHz and 156.25MHz.

Depending on the product, the supply voltage is 1.8V, 2.5V or 3.3V with a tolerance of 10%. The phase jitter is 0.3ps typ. with an offset between 12kHz and 20MHz. The frequency tolerances are B: ±50 x 10-6 and C: ±100x 10-6 in a temperature range of -20°C and +70°C. At temperatures between -40°C and +85°C they are L: ±50 x 10-6 and M: ±100 x 10-6. The current consumption amounts to max 6mA (SG-210SEH), 7mA (SG-210SDH) and 9mA (SG-210SCH) at 80-125MHz with no load. At frequencies between 125.1MHz and 170MHz, the current consumption amounts to max 8mA (SG-210SEH), 9mA (SG-210SDH) and 11mA (SG-210SCH). With a CMOS output level and a waveform symmetry of 45% to 55%, if CL=15pF, the SG-210S*H series is very well-equipped.

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