Rutronik and LRC (Leshan Radio Company), a Chinese manufacturer of diodes, transistors and integrated circuits, have extended their franchise agreement to cover Europe. Rutronik is already LRC’s distribution partner for Asia.
“Of particular interest are LRC’s products for stable delivery and extremely price-sensitive applications, especially applications in which they take on standard functions. This is because LRC offers high-quality products with an outstanding price/performance ratio for this segment. That is why we see enormous potential for this manufacturer in Europe,” explains Andreas Mangler, Director of Strategic Marketing & Communications for RUTRONIK.
LRC is one of Asia’s largest producers of small-signal discrete semiconductors. Since 1995, it has been one of the top 10 semi-conductor companies in China in the assembly & test sector. Its product portfolio comprises SMD transistors diodes, axial diodes, bridge rectifiers, power diodes, as well as analogue and logic ICs, particularly in small housing structures. LRC was originally found in 1970 and it had established a joint venture in conjunction with Motorola in 1995. LRC has had TS16949 certification since as long ago as 1998 and offers AEC-Q101 certified components for automotive applications. The SMD discrete and power diodes are widely used in many markets including the consumer, computer, communications, medical, industrial and automotive industries.
Lawrence Sia, Vice Director Sales at LRC adds: “In recent years, LRC has been able to achieve enormous growth, now producing more than 73 billion components per year. We are also ideally equipped for further growth. We particularly wish to achieve this in Europe, where, in contrast to Asia, we are still largely unknown. Our cooperation with Rutronik in Asia has convinced us that Rutronik will also be the perfect distribution partner for our expansion into Europe.”


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