Rutronik Elektronische Bauelemente GmbH have now integrated Discomp, a fully-owned subsidiary, into the parent company. The Discomp operations will extend the “Displays & Embedded Boards” division in Rutronik to form a new division, named “Storage, Displays & Boards”, under the leadership of former Director Discomp Frank Bittigkoffer.

“Storage, Displays & Boards” is composed of two separate product groups: the “Storage” group, which will continue to be managed by Waldemar Batke, concerns itself with storage systems, including memory modules, flash memories, magnetic and optical disk drives, while “Displays & Boards”, under the management of Michael Eger, who has been consolidating this business since November 2010, will continue to be responsible for TFT displays, passive displays and boards.

Rutronik has also re-organized its sales structure to take the new strategy into account. The formerly separate sales teams are now responsible for the technical sales and marketing support of the entire product portfolio of the new division, including customer care and design-in quality support. “Our new strategy provides a number of synergetic effects and allows us to operate considerably more efficiently”, explains Frank Bittigkoffer, Director Storage, Displays & Boards. “Our customers benefit, too. They now have a single source for all their requirements, from individual components to harmonized kit solutions, including full commercial and technical support.” Constant schooling ensures that the technical expertise of our specialist consultants remains up-to-the-minute and fully-competent despite the sophisticated and rapidly evolving technology of our products.

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