Rutronik Elektronische Bauelemente GmbH has established two Asian divisions with subsidiaries in China, Hong Kong and Taiwan. Its Asian presence enables the distributor to provide local support for its customers in this region and to guarantee an efficient flow of materials. The Asian operation is headed by Lambert Hilkes, General Manager Rutronik Asia, who reports directly to CEO Thomas Rudel.
Rutronik Asia HK Ltd. has its headquarters in Hong Kong and the Taiwanese branch of the company is based in Taipei. Rutronik Electronics SZ Ltd. has three subsidiaries in China: Shanghai, Shenzhen and Chengdu. Rutronik employs the staff from these regions as field sales engineers, internal sales assistants and field application engineers.

All Rutronik customers in the Asian region are supplied with the complete product portfolio from the warehouse in Hong Kong. In this way, Rutronik ensures the efficient supply of its customers in Asia without detours via Europe, while maintaining European quality standards. Transport times and costs are also reduced as a result. The pricing structure for products and transport corresponds to the local price level, with the option of billing taking place in Europe or Asia. “This step is the result of our strategy to always meet our customers’ needs and requirements,” explains Markus Krieg, Marketing Director at Rutronik. “This means that we are also pursuing our three business models in Asia: Production support – here for the manufacturing plants of our European customers in Asia, local logistics and development and sales support.“

The Asian divisions have been seamlessly incorporated into the existing Rutronik structure and – as with all existing subsidiaries – linked via the global IT infrastructure. This gives customers maximum flexibility in production planning, enabling them to have goods delivered precisely where they are needed in the world in a very short period of time. Rutronik is able to provide integrated support for European projects and designs around the world as well as serving its Asian customers locally.

In his function as General Manager Rutronik Asia, Lambert Hilkes is responsible for setting up the new divisions in the Far East. He previously worked for Yageo in Taiwan and combines more than 40 years of experience in the electronics industry with an in-depth knowledge of the Asian market. He also understands the Asian lifestyle and mentality. The product and application engineers along with the sales staff at the new subsidiaries receive specific commercial and technical support from Rutronik headquarters in Ispringen, Germany. Here Pamela Lu, Project Coordinator Asia, and Peter Klöpfer, Technical Director Asia, are responsible for the Asian operations.

“We are proud that we have now also established a base in Asia and this will encourage the natural growth of Rutronik into a global supply partner,” explains Lambert Hilkes. “We take great care to always give consideration to the singularities of the Asian market, which is why our employees come from the region. At the same time, our customers can rely on both products and services meeting European quality standards.“

“The Chinese symbol for Rutronik translates as ‘wisdom’, ‘first class’ and ‘powerful’. This is a perfect match because we will devote our energy to providing our customers in the Asian region with first-class and wise support“ explains Markus Krieg.

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