Rutronik has been named European Distributor of the Year in 2014 by Diodes Inc. award for the year 2014. The distributes posted the highest growth figures among distributors throughout Europe as well and the highest percentage of design-in products in relationship to overall revenue.
In 2014, Rutronik posted a 27 percent increase in revenue with the Diodes products as compared to the previous year. At the same time, the percentage of design-in products in relationship to overall revenue with Diodes products grew at Rutronik to about 17 percent.
“Rutronik is extremely successful at selling our products, which on the one hand has to do with its distribution network that fully covers the entire European territory, and on the other hand has to do with the competent local support offered by its sales engineers, its product marketing and its line management”, explains Oliver Woyke, Sales Manager Europe, Middle East & Africa at Diodes Inc. “We would like to honour the excellent work provided by the Rutronik team with our award and are looking forward to collaborating successfully in the future for many years to come.”
Since 2005, Rutronik has been selling the complete range of Diodes products throughout Europe, made up of discrete semiconductors, high-performance semiconductors, analogue and logic ICs, MOSFETS and bipolar transistors, LED drivers and Hall sensors.
In addition, together with Diodes, Rutronik offers comprehensive consultation and technical support services. It also provides customer seminars and TechDays to transfer knowledge. Diodes is paticipating in RUTRONIK SMART’s seminars series offered for IoT (Internet of Things).
“For us, Diodes is a partner that offers us and our customers a wide range of convincing innovative and high-quality products”, says Thomas Rudel, CEO of Rutronik. “We are extremely pleased to accept this award today, because it confirms our strategy that builds on a comprehensive range of technical support. What’s more, the award is also our incentive to continue to increase and improve our services in the future.”


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