As a response to the increasing thermal problems, Panasonic now offers the Pyrolytic Highly Oriented Graphite Sheet. Made of graphite with a structure that is close to a single crystal, it combines high thermal conductivity with a thin and low RutronikPGSweight structure. The Panasonic PGS is available at distributor Rutronik.

Thermal problems increase with the miniaturization and the high density mounting of devices. Effective thermal solutions are becoming more and more important to reach the wanted performance of applications and enable the design standards. The PGS from Panasonic provides two main thermal functions: Firstly, it transfers the heat energy from the heat source to the heat sink. This allows a design positioning the heat sink not directly at the heat source. Secondly, the PGS acts as a thermal interface dispatching the heat to the heat sink, thus improving the efficiency of the heat sink. One of the effects is the reduction of hot-spots.

The PGS allows to spread out the heat energy and improves the reliability of the semiconductor that produces the heat. These features make the PGS the ideal thermal solution for LED lighting solutions, automotive lighting equipment, medical, industrial and optical equipment, telecom, communication, handheld and portable devices, semiconductor manufacturing equipment, embedded and PC applications, battery cooling, the temperature reduction of housing of devices and all miniaturized and downsized devices.

The PGS has a high thermal conductivity of 700-1750W/mK. It is very thin (17-100µm), light weight (1-2g/cm3) and highly flexible in bending and shaping.

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