RutronikBYD Company and Rutronik have entered into a strategic partnership: The distributor is now responsible for global distribution of the entire product portfolio of BYD Microelectronics. Simultaneously, BYD Auto Company, an investment of Warren Buffet, will purchase electronic components required for its vehicle production from Rutronik.

BYD Microelectronics, a subsidiary of BYD Company Ltd, has specialised in the development of ICs and power electronic components since 2003. The product portfolio comprises power MOSFETs, battery management ICs, IGBT modules, intelligent power modules, transient surge arresters, current transformers, CMOS image sensors, ambient light and proximity sensors, AC/DC control ICs, touch controllers and pure sound ICs. BYD Microelectronics uses these components primarily to target the industrial market e.g. with frequency converters, solar inverters or welding machinery.

Current focus products include current sensors, for which BYD Microelectronics established its own R&D centre in 2005. The portfolio currently comprises 24 series of open loop and closed loop sensors with an input range of 3 A to 2000 A. They are used primarily in electric vehicles, photovoltaic contribution boxes and inverters, converters, uninterruptible power supplies and power applications. Due to manufacturing processes at automotive level, the components demonstrate an outstanding capacity for interference suppression, excellent proportionality and maximum precision as well as the best protective functions with respect to suppression of interference current and reversal of the power supply. The BYD Microelectronics development centre and test laboratories use reliability testing systems more sophisticated than the industry standard to guarantee product quality and traceability at every stage of production. “In addition to their high quality, BYD Microelectronics’ ICs and power components are very cost-efficient. The high production capacities, which are currently being further expanded, guarantee the supply capability,” explains Thomas Rudel, CEO of Rutronik. “So we are very pleased that we are now able to supply our customers around the world with BYD Microelectronics components and that our companies are now linked by strategic partnership.” Ken Chen, General Manager of BYD Microelectronics, adds: “Rutronik’s extensive line card and our product portfolio complement each other perfectly. In addition, like BYD, Rutronik is also focusing on worldwide growth. This facilitates long-term strategic cooperation, as a result of which both companies will grow. Rutronik will help us to strengthen our penetration of the Asian market and to conquer the European market.”



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