RUT-YAGEOThe new ‘anti-sulfurated’ resistors AF Series of Yageo are designed for use in environments exposed to high levels of contamination, which could include industrial control systems, sensors, electric instrumentation and communication base stations. The devices satisfy the most demanding product applications with a high degree of reliability. They are also suited for electronic appliances used in high concentrations of sulfur gases i.e. hot springs and mines. The resisitors are available at distributor Rutronik now.

Yageo offers its AF series resistors in full size range, 0402/0603/0805/1206, with high degree of anti-sulfurated capabilities. According to international norms ASTM test, the new series meets the most stringent testing standards with excellent anti-sulfuration characteristics. The company has a high focus on anti-sulfurated resistor research and development. As a result Yageo introduced the AF series resistors using other special material than gold in the inner electrode with the alteration of the resistor structure to not only improve the anti-sulfuration capabilities but also to save costs. Certain atmospheric conditions release substances causing sulfuration reaction which further affects the efficiency of electronic products. This makes it necessary for some electronic product manufacturers to use anti-sulfate resistors under extreme environmental condition. Yageo will come up with more advanced products shortly.

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