…flexible pricing and market-level discounts

RSImageRS Components (RS) now offers its Machine Builder & Process Development customers flexible pricing and market-level discounts within the PLC, Logic Module and HMI technology arena, to encourage regular and volume purchasing of these and complementary products. The creation of a Flexible Pricing Team with specially trained sales professionals enables customers to enjoy substantial savings through negotiated discounts.

RS has created a team of internal Account Managers with whom they can build a close working relationship. So, if they have a Bill of Materials (BoM) of over £500 they can call or e-mail their contact to negotiate their savings.

Alternatively, customers can choose the RS ‘online quotes’ service, a no-cost tool created to enable them to manage all of their quotes online. They can simply upload their BoM and match it against RS’ entire product range. From their quote, customers can then select the ‘further matching and price negotiation’ option.

Julian Wood, Marketing Manager, RS Components, said “To support our customers’ expectations we aligned our published one-off price for PLCs and HMIs to reflect Manufacturers’ List prices back in 2005. We continually review our PLC discounts to ensure that they match the market’s, as well as our customers’ expectations, which recently have meant savings of up to 15% off list price.”

Customer benefits include Flexible Pricing on over 300,000 products. Customers can request price negotiation on all quotes over £500. They can request and redeem a quote 24/7, 365 days a year. They will receive a negotiated offer, enjoy a single point-of-contact throughout, and choose from available forward and scheduled delivery options. And, these are on top of those already enjoyed – a vast range of parts for one-stop shopping, next day delivery or sooner if needed, local trade centres, no ordering-charges and a highly efficient on-line ordering system.

The service can be used by all RS account holders with an order to place of over £500 in the ‘Control Gear and Switchgear’ and ‘PLCs, Logic Modules and Data Acquisition’ sections online or in the catalogue. They will be encouraged to contact the Flexible Pricing Team to negotiate the right discount with potentially greater savings.

The important thing for customers, whether they are within the Machine and Process Development sector or not, is to first of all make contact with the Flexible Pricing Team and set up with them the best method of operating the system for optimal cost saving, efficiency and convenience.

Andrew McManus, Managing Director of ALG Systems Ltd, and an RS customer using the Flexible Pricing initiative said, “Historically we sourced components from a wide range of suppliers in order to find the right part at the right price. Nowadays, we find almost everything we need for our machine builds, at RS. And through the RS flexible pricing team, we are able to achieve the levels of discount required to maintain profitability. Ordering my entire parts list from RS saved me time and over £2,000.”

In conclusion, Julian Wood, Marketing Manager, RS Components, added, “It is vital that RS continues to keep pace with or better still one step ahead of its customers’ needs. From their feedback and our on-going research we have added the Flexible Pricing Team and continue to add many thousands of new products every month, along with our Product Offers and Price Reductions, whilst helping to reduce purchasing costs with e-Purchasing solutions.”

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