Industry-leading power-efficiency enabling ecological design

image4RS Components is pleased to announce the further expansion of its Energy-Efficient Solutions range and its launch into additional European markets.

The latest products include power-supply switcher ICs, microcontrollers with NanoWatt technology from Microchip and AMOLED displays, which can reduce the overall energy consumption of an end-product by up to 90% in comparison with conventional designs.

Following the success of this range in the UK, France, Germany and Italy, RS is launching the Energy-Efficiency Solutions range across Spain, Austria, Scandinavia and Ireland.

“We are committed to developing our Energy-Efficient Solutions range to help our customers adopt next-generation technologies which dramatically reduce energy consumption, drive cost-savings and help achieve a low-carbon economy,” explained Chris Page, General Manager of Electronics at RS.

Consumers worldwide now demand products with a lower cost of ownership, extended lifetime and smaller carbon footprint, and engineers are focusing on reducing the power their designs consume. The Energy-Efficient Solutions range allows design engineers to select from over 2,000 of the latest products with best-in-class power-efficiency. By providing all the latest systems, modules and components for a complete solution in one place, RS is helping engineers increase the speed of their designs to market.

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