Based on its recent research on the European market for general purpose (GP) test equipment, Frost & Sullivan has presented RS Components (RS) with the 2013 European Customer Service Leadership Award.

“RS’s highly efficient supply chain management department keeps track of the inventory using best-in-class tools,” said Frost & Sullivan Industry Director Jessy Cavazos. “This method ensures the availability of all products and the company also continuously improves the efficiency of this process to reduce the inventory of obsolete products.”

Frost & Sullivan expects online channels to grow in importance in the GP test equipment market. Customers are drawn to this distribution channel for its ‘anytime-anywhere’ convenience of purchase. In 2010, online channels accounted for 21 per cent of electronic retail sales, and this is expected to reach 55 per cent in 2020. Acknowledging this trend, RS maintains an informative and user-friendly website, which offers a complete list of its inventory.

In addition to electronic invoicing, the company’s website offers services such as procurement solutions. Using this service, customers can select the products they wish to purchase on the website, and then take their whole shopping cart to their own system for their internal approval processes. Once the order is approved, they can send it to RS in the format of their choice. RS generates over 60 per cent of its revenues online in Europe.

Online distribution channels have several other important advantages, especially in a cost-sensitive market. As test and measurement equipment or instruments are generally expensive, customers prefer to spend less on associated services such as installation and calibration. RS offers these services as a package with the products.

RS also conducts annual global customer satisfaction surveys, which allow it to compare its performance and customer satisfaction levels across different geographic markets.

“With a strong commitment to addressing customer requirements, along with its dedication to continuously enhancing its internal processes to boost customer value, RS has succeeded in offering high price-performance value to its global customers,” noted Cavazos.

Frost & Sullivan presents this award to companies that have demonstrated outstanding timeliness and quality in offering a service. The award acknowledges the attractive cost of service and the impact of the offering on customer value.

“We’re honoured to receive this award which recognises our leadership in customer service,” said Klaus Göldenbot, Global Sales Director at Electrocomponents. “We work closely with our customers to provide them with relevant solutions, services and support to help them do their jobs more effectively. We believe in adding value through the human touch and are proud of our local sales and customer service presence. This award is testament to the continued efforts of our employees to put the customer first.”


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