RS Components has increased global online conversion rates by between 8 and 10% since implementing an online messaging technology that enables them to engage customers in real time.
RS customer service agents use the LivePerson technology to chat with customers as they browse the site, answer their questions and advise on product choices and alternatives while they shop.
This more proactive, consultative approach to online customer service has also grown average order values by between 10 & 15% according to RS.
The LivePerson technology was initially trialled by RS in the UK but has since been rolled out across 27 country markets. RS operates approximately 60 websites and transacts in 19 different languages.
The success of the deployment in China was a particular commercial milestone, according to RS Digital Product Executive, Liza Hall: “The positive impact in China suggested that live engagement could be deployed in any marketplace, regardless of cultural or linguistic differences. The lesson we took was that if you could do this in China we could do it in any territory.”
RS also reports increases in customer satisfaction rates to between 75 & 80% overall and as high as 95% in the UK & Germany.
Web sales have become of increasing importance to RS in recent times, having grown from 25% of total group revenues to 58% in eight years.


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