RS StoreManager is an inventory management system with multiple solutions designed to save customers time and money

RS Components is pleased to offer a range of solutions from its StoreManager inventory management service. These solutions have been designed specifically with the customer in mind and have the potential to reduce spend on high-usage products by up to 40%.

RS StoreManager has been designed to improve store efficiency with the top-end solution able to provide full visibility and secure access to all products, from all vendors, right across a store. A web-based inventory management tool, StoreManager enables the customer to achieve optimal stock levels, reduce slow moving and non-moving stock, pool inventory to ultimately save time and money. RS not only provides the service, products and hardware, but also the man-power to replenish the stock.

There are three distinct solutions available, but they can be mixed and matched in one location. However it is likely that ‘Mobile’ will be used alone and ‘Vending’ and ‘Dispensing’ will be used together.

StoreManager Mobile

This is the most basic solution available and has also been running the longest. It requires the least form of commitment from the customer, as there is no hardware to purchase, and is most suitable on-sites where the customer is not worried about stock-accountability.

StoreManager Multi-Vendor

This is a step up from the Mobile Solution as it involves the customer to a broader extent. They monitor their own stock with an on-site scanning system. Again this option does not offer staff accountability, but it offers the customer more control over the stock, as they are more involved with the monitoring of it.

StoreManager Dispensing Systems

The dispensing option is best for accountability. This solution allows the client to track exactly who is using what and results in a reduction in costs. The dispensing units are set up to issue stock according to the customer’s requirements and generate reports to show who has taken what products and the stock that needs to be replenished.

Supplies are issued using an identification system. This is done either via barcode, swipe card, or biometrically, as such each staff member is then monitored and the system is able to report on who is using what. Once access to the system is gained, products can be selected using touch screen navigation.

Dispensing systems allow for 24-hour access line side, as no one is needed to open the stores – the dispensing units are able to self-monitor.

RS is committed to continually providing customers with complete supply solutions. While its catalogue is at the centre of its business, a good service and a variety of options are just as important as its product portfolio.

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