Finding out how people are using everyday technology to get an engineering edge is a task RS Components has handed to Professor Lucy Rogers.

The former BBC Robot Wars judge and co-presenter of DesignSpark’s ‘History Makers’ and ‘The DesignSpark Podcast’ is going on the road, to record a new podcast series dubbed ‘The Engineering Edge’. The podcasts will cover a wide variety of contexts, from drone racing and space, to amusement parks and nuclear research.

Meeting with minds ranging from mildly off-the-wall to seriously off-the-scale, Professor Lucy Rogers PhD discovers how engineers and places are using everyday technology to give themselves the engineering edge.

“Our ‘History Makers’ and ‘The DesignSpark Podcast’ series proved enormously popular, so we listened to and acted on the demands for more,” said Natalie Reigel, Head of DesignSpark Community. “The Engineering Edge is perfect for a more technical audience, from engineering students to professional engineers, and listeners will be provided with a unique insight.”

In ‘The Engineering Edge’ episode 1 “Lucy Goes Drone Racing”, released today, she is heading to the UK Drone Racing Open to witness some of Europe’s top pilots compete to be crowned the British Champion 2019. The top racers from this event will qualify for the world championships in China.

Listen as she wears the racing goggles and attempts to get an insight into the fast-paced world of drone racing. With so many parts and specifications to choose from, how do competitors master the task of creating the best possible drone? And with so many variables, how do you know which component is making the difference?

A new episode of ‘The Engineering Edge’ will be released each month until February 2020.


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