BeagleBone Black, the latest version of BeagleBone is now on the shelves at RS Components. This latest version of the credit-card sized open hardware expandable Linux computer is a high-expansion focused BeagleBoard using a low-cost Sitara AM3358 1-GHz ARM Cortex-A8 processor from Texas Instruments. At half the price of the original BeagleBone, and supplied with all of the necessary accessories, BeagleBone Black provides application developers with higher performance hardware and software technology at substantially lower cost than similar development platforms on the market.

BeagleBone Black’s feature set includes: on-board HDMI; 512MB DDR3 memory; 2GB on-board eMMC Flash; and a serial interface header. Whether operating standalone or in conjunction with another computer, BeagleBone Black provides developers with easy access to industry standard interfaces and a well-developed ecosystem of software and tools. The BeagleBone Black has the ability to accept up to four expansion boards or capes that can be stacked onto the expansion headers. The majority of capes designed for the original BeagleBone will also work on the BeagleBone Black.


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