Richardson RFPD has entered into a global franchise distribution agreement with Red Pitaya.

Under the agreement, Richardson RFPD is a global distributor for Red Pitaya’s line-up of versatile, reconfigurable instruments that can replace other, more expensive lab instruments, including oscilloscope and signal generators, LCR meters, spectrum analysers, logic analysers, bode analysers and vector network analysers.

The all-in-one boards are offered in kits that target the automotive, aerospace,
telecommunications and medical industries, academia and research, as well as radio amateurs, and include accessories like oscilloscope probes, SD cards, Ethernet cables and power supply cords.

“Red Pitaya’s flagship STEMlab and other all-in-one boards are versatile additions to Richardson RFPD’s lineup of tools for design engineers,” said Rafael R. Salmi, Richardson RFPD’s president. “These products support a wide range of use cases, from instrumentation to communication, software-defined radio, and many data acquisition applications.”

“Development teams often need expensive and hard-to-access tools, the use of which is limited by expensive software licenses and the ‘black-box’ principle that prevents the user from modifying and repairing software,” said Mateja Lampe Rupnik, Red Pitaya’s CEO. “We are excited that— together with Richardson RFPD—we will help solve these problems. Red Pitaya’s boards are
affordable and offer exceptional performance, and because the boards are open-source, there is no license fee, and the user can customise it to their needs.”


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