Richardson RFPD today announces availability and full design support capabilities for new metallized polypropylene DC link capacitors from Kendeil. The two series of devices, designated K31 and K32, are rated for voltages ranging from 600 to 1300V.

Key features of the general purpose K31 devices include:
-High ripple current (max): 100A
Temperature: 85oC
-Capacitance range: 120uF – 1000uF
-Applications: Solar converters, motor drives, inverters, welding

Key features of the high frequency K32 devices include:
-High ripple current (max): 100A
-Temperature: 85oC
-Capacitance range: 100uF – 1000uF
-Applications: Solar converters, motor drives, traction, inverters, welding

The primary difference between the K31 and K32 series is that the K31 series is designed for low and medium frequency switching (less than 15 kHz), while the K32 series is designed for high frequencies (exceeding 15 kHz). Kendeil’s K32 series also utilizes segmented metalized polypropylene, which offers the advantages of controlled capacitance loss and open circuit protection.

Kendeil, a trademark of Kendeil, S.r.l., Italy, is a leading producer of high quality screw terminal and snap type aluminium electrolytic capacitors, and DC link polypropylene film capacitors, with more than thirty years experience in the industry. All capacitors meet international standard compliances (CECC, DIN, IEC), and most recently, Kendeil achieved Quality Certification ISO 9001:2008. Kendeil owns its foil/formation facility to control raw material flow and reduce lead time. Lead time on the K31 and K32 devices is currently five to six weeks.

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