Richardson RFPD has announced a new global collaboration with Microshare, a Philadelphia-based data solutions company

The two companies will deliver IoT solutions designed to enhance building safety and wellness, including wearables, gateways and global connectivity to the IoT cloud for data analytics.

This portfolio of IoT solutions is part of Microshare’s “Clean = Safe” initiative that aims to improve the health and safety of workers, tenants, customers and others who pass through public- and private-sector facilities.

Microshare’s smart building solutuons are designed for today’s requirements and include universal contact tracing and infection control, predictive cleaning, and occupancy monitoring and asset zoning.

“Microshare has a growing portfolio of solutions aimed at making buildings smarter and safer,” said Rafael R. Salmi, Ph.D., Richardson RFPD’s president. “Their solutions enhance the IoT solutions we offer to companies transitioning the new requirements of today’s world.”

“Teaming with Richardson RFPD allows us to pair their strong global supply chain and engineering support capabilities with Microshare’s innovative turnkey approach to IoT data and smart facilities solutions,” said Ron Rock, CEO and co-founder of Microshare. “With our rapidly growing number of global customers, no matter where our solutions are deployed, we are confident that Richardson RFPD can support us.”


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