Distributor Rapid Electronics now has available a new and extensive range of integrated circuits from Maxim Integrated.

The products include sensors, transceivers, temperature sensors, real time clocks, drivers, power supplies and ICs which provide supervisory and support functions, ideal for use in applications such as industrial, communications and computing appliances, telecommunications and networking, automotive, medical, instrumentation and utility meters.

Rapid has a specific page on its website dedicated to Maxim’s products.

Among the chips is the DS1307Z serial real-time clock, providing exceptional timing functionality in a surface mounting SO-8 package. This low power (less than 500nA in battery back-up mode) full binary coded decimal clock provides seconds, minutes, hours, day, date, month and year data with automatic adjustment for all calendar variations, including leap years. The device also features a built-in power-sense circuit that maintains timekeeping during power failures.

Also available is the DS1620 and 1621 series of temperature sensors. Supplied pre-calibrated, the sensor allows direct digital output of measured temperatures without the need for an A/D transformer. The sensor includes a digital thermometer and also offers functions such as thermostat, programmable digital thermostat and memory.

The MAX132 18-bit Analogue to Digital Converters 18-bit, serial output, integrating devices that feature a multi-slope integration enabling operation up to 100 conversions per second are also available.

Up to +250 price breaks are available across the Maxim Integrated range with discounts possible on bulk orders.


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