Premier Farnell’s European (Farnell element 14) and APAC (element14) businesses have been awarded Distributor of the Year Europe & Asia by their top LED Indicator supplier CML-IT. For over 20 years Farnell element 14 has stocked a wide range of LED based products from CML-IT which are predominantly made in its UK based facilities.

For element14 (APAC) the award is a recognition of a bespoke lighting segment campaign in FY12. Besides High Power LED lighting portion, this award shows the breadth of element14’s product coverage in lighting products in the industrial / automation market.

Alan Palfrey UK Sales & Marketing Manager for CML-IT said: “We at CML-IT are thrilled to be able to present this award to Farnell element 14 and element14 Asia Pacific, in recognition of their support in developing sales in both regions and more recently in the US market also.”

Lynn Ma, European Head of Semiconductors, Passives and Optoelectronics (SEPO), Farnell element14, said: “CML-IT is a great example of the long term supplier relationships we at Farnell element 14 continue to build. We can always rely on them as one of our focus suppliers who recently kindly assisted us in providing facilities for the manufacture of parts for our LED Lanterns for the Tanzania project.”

“In Asia we have a wide range of customers and applications for LEDs and its associated products, and CML is a popular choice among engineers for both electronics design, and maintenance and repair. Industrial grade products are important, especially where product reliability is critical for operations in diverse environments,” said Tim Wang, Regional Director, Supplier and Asset Management, element14 Asia-Pacific.

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