Premier Farnell and multicore microcontroller supplier XMOS have signed a global distribution deal.

XMOS’s xCORE technology is a range of flexible, easy-to-use multicore microcontrollers with deterministic response and an extremely broad applicability in terms of size of customer, complexity of design and market sectors including audio, automotive, industrial and consumer.

The architecture provides hardware-type response while being software-programmable like a standard micro. There is a full suite of free design tools that allows anyone who understands C programming access to a completely new level of performance and responsiveness.

Because of this responsiveness, xCORE is also able to implement many functions using software that would require hardware in other architectures, for example a software-based Ethernet or USB interface. These free of charge software peripherals allow customers to configure their own custom microcontrollers in software.

Mike Furnival, VP Sales & Marketing at XMOS, said: “We are delighted to partner with such a well-established distributor to extend our customer reach globally and to bring our exciting new technology to a really broad market.”

Marianne Culver, Chief Global Supply Chain & Supplier Management at Premier Farnell, said: “This agreement reaffirms our firm belief in the xCORE technology and we are confident this will be the start of a highly successful new strategic business relationship with this young, agile and innovative start-up.”


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